• Shenzhen Guangming High-Tech Park

    Project: Shenzhen Guangming High-Tech Park
    Client: Shenzhen Baoan District Planning & Construction Management Office
    Program: Commercial
    Size: 101,300 SM
    Budget: 80M USD
    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Status: Invited Competition
    Collaborators: In joint venture with AIM Group

    The Shenzhen High-Tech Park located in the central area of the Baoan District. It is a commercial complex with a site area of 174,100 m2 with residential, commercial, subway, schools, stadiums and other city sites in the surrounding area. The design's main goal is to develop a office and work environment that is truly unique to the culture, economics, and ecological conditions of suburban china. The design uses a simple approach working with the current site condition and topography in order to provide a maximum of green spaces and landscape opportunities on the parcel of land. This strategy minimizes the excavation of the site and maximizes the opportunity for the surrounding inhabitants to access green space as an amenity. The design has created landforms like plateaus, terraced slopes, and valley conditions in which the natural and manmade landscape and architecture blend together as one.