• Keelung Harbour Competition

    Project: Keelung Port Terminal Competition
    Client: Port of Keelung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
    Program: Terminal
    Size: 112,500 SM
    Location: Keelung, Taiwan
    Status: Invited Competition
    Collaborators : Joint venture with Janet Rosenberg + Associates and Ta Chuang Architects & Associates (TCAA)

    Cruise Ship Terminal Consultant: Royal Haskoning
    Structural Engineering: Parsons Brinckerhoff
    Local Structural Consultant: Tung-Ho Tsai
    Sustainability Consultant: Halsall

    Border-Free: Catalyst for a World Port City

    Concept Design
    The Keelung port terminal should be a window to the world and contain the notion of connecting with the future. Any endeavor that attempts to tap into any unknown is an admirable one. Therefore, we think the design for the Keelung terminal should engage the future in the formal shape and language of how we envision things to come.

    Just as the TWA airport terminal in New York epitomized the most exciting era in early aviation history with its formal fluidity, we would like our design to be equally timeless as we are arriving at the dawn of contemporary cruise travel.

    The experience of being at sea brings about the feeling of freedom, a sense of detachment from the continents, detachment from the stresses of the world. We would like to bring this experience of freedom to the Keelung terminal. In a simple sense, to give the individual a temporary release from the stresses of everyday life and the anticipation to the freeing experience of being at sea.