Project: West Kowloon M+ Pavilion
    Location: Hong Kong, China
    Status: Winning Entry for West Kowloon Cultural District Arts Pavilion Design Competition
    Collaborators: VPANG architects ltd + Lisa Cheung

    Space felt bigger when we were young. Perhaps from a child's perspective everything seemed bigger and taller. However, the blatant reality remains that our living space has indeed become smaller. Simple happiness has been taken away by stressful and hectic lifestyles. We yearn for a release outlet. We yearn to regain a sense of balance.

    The original Park City goal is to balance and regulate. Culture brings us edification, leading us away from the chaos of the commercial world. The park, besides serving an important role to uplift and cleanse the city, also provides visitors a platform for observing and appreciating Hong Kong through fresh eyes.

    As such, we felt that the pavilion should be a simple, pure and clean space. A space situated away from city noise and pollution, a space that gives us a chance to open our hearts, relax our minds, and appreciate artwork amidst the backdrop of Hong Kong. An open platform where art could be displayed, promoted, shared and embraced. It would belong to the city, near and dear to the heart of Hong Kong.

    The following is a weblink address to the WKCDA announcement: http://www.westkowloon.hk/en/newsroom/news/wkcda-announces-the-results-of-the-arts-pavilion-design-competition/