• "Shobuj Pata" Rupayan Eco City

    Project: "Shobuj Pata" Rupayan Eco City
    Client: Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd.
    Program: Culture Retail Commercial Residential
    Size: 1568,568 sm
    Type: Proposal
    Location: Dakkar, Bangladesh
    Collaborators: JCI Architects, Terraplan

    Bangladesh is a naturally lush country, with an abundance of rainfall - the highest yearly average rainfall in the world. The natural landscape presents an opportunity to create a unique development typology that integrates density and efficiency, with ecological sustainability at its forefront. These natural elements; rainfall, rich soils, and native plant species are the tools with which Shabuj Pata is built and will grow to become a garden oasis in the middle of the city.

    Interior and exterior spaces become interchangeable as the architecture has use landscape as the architecture. With building and envelope designs guided by vernacular textures and vegetation, the development becomes an extension of the natural landscape, creating a hybrid of habitable spaces within architecture and nature. The concept of embracing and bringing in the Bengali landscape into the development is manifested in design elements throughout, from the ground up to the rooftops.

    The result of this bio-integration of architecture and natural landscape is a new development typology for Bangladesh that maximizes density, value and returns, both ecologically and economically. This development encourages sustainable designs that embrace vernacular landscapes of the building's environment. For Shabuj Pata, the lushness of the Bengali landscape offers both beauty and function to the project, drawing from nature as much as it gives back to its surroundings.